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L3gends Of Time

L3gends Of Time - Registration Agreement Terms

Forum Terms of service

The moderators of this forum will try hard to edit or remove reprehensible messages as soon as possible. However, it is impossible for them to review all the messages. You thus admit that all the messages posted on this forum express the sight and opinion of their respective authors and not those of the moderators or the Webmaster (except messages posted by them) and consequently, they cannot be held responsible of the discussions.

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As a member of L3gends Of Time, I will abide by the Code of Conduct and acknowledge the fact we are a TEAM of gamers/players wreaking havoc on the battlefield while having fun in a clean environment with Honor, Courage, Teamwork and Loyalty! Clan Definition: A group of close-knit and interrelated families. Interrelated meaning connected to one another as we are via online gaming. With that said the L3gends Of Time Clan, we will stick together through thick and thin. We will respect one another and when possible play with one another vice against each other. This will not always be achievable. Times to play against each other are during training, when there is not enough room on the same side, in tournaments, when there is a low volume of online players or simply others are intimidated to play us because of the |LoT| rank, color and tags. During these times it is acceptable to play against each other. Just remember that in the end we are ONE TEAM and all part of the L3gends Of Time Clan! 1. Respect: 1.a. I will respect all other players. 1.b. I will show proper respect to all L3gends Of Time members. 1.c. I will show proper respect to all allies and friends. 1.d. I will at no time be insubordinate towards L3gends Of Time officials. 2. Cheating: 2.a. I will not have any use of programs or game content that was built to exploit or cheat and not intended for use by the game's manufacturer. 2.b. I will at no time use any cheats (hacks, glitches, exploits, etc.) while playing any game. 2.c. I will not make HACKUSATIONS. Report all cheats to the room moderator and file all reports via the appropriate channels for each game (best done with proof if possible). 3. Profanity, Vulgar Language, or Racist Slurs: 3.a. I will not use Profanity, Vulgar Language, or Racial Slurs in Clan, Game, Website, Chat or Voice Server. Don’t misunderstand this …|LoT| is all about FUN …however, be mindful and courteous to others in your audience. 3.b. I will at no time use any form of media (i.e. megaphone, forum, blog, chat, etc.), features in a way that goes against the |LoT| Code of Conduct. 4. Game Integrity: 4.a. I will not do anything to take away others enjoyment of playing the game. 4.b. I will not Abuse or Disobey the games Moderator Rules. 5. "Call to Arms" or "Sound Off": 5.a. When a "Call to Play" or "Sound Off" is called for, or members try to talk to me in team chat, etc., I will acknowledge that I am there and whether or not I can join, play, etc. 6. Inactivity Notice: |LoT| does not require you to be online 24/7. Family & Life comes first before the game. 6.a. I shall notify my L3gends Of Time clan or team leaders of any long period of time I may be unable to log onto the game. 6.b. I shall post an AFK notification on the |LoT| Forums to inform the clan of my absence from the game out of courtesy. 7. Moderators, Elite Moderators and Super Elite Moderators: 7.a. Moderators are in charge of the room they are moderating, I agree to follow all rules of all moderators 7.b. If there are room rules I disagree with I will leave the room. 7.c. L3gends Of Time will not restrict a members purchasing rights on the Elite Moderator (you bought it …use it any way you feel). If a L3gends Of Time member disagrees with room rules then follow rule 7.b. 7.d. L3gends Of Time Moderators Shall always ensure room for |LoT| members wanting to play in-game with them. 7.e. L3gends Of Time Moderators Shall not kick a person to make room for another |LoT| member if more than half the current game has been completed. It is not fair for legit players that are following your rules to be kicked after investing that much time in the game. 7.f. L3gends Of Time Moderators should do their best to attempt to ask for volunteers to leave a room vice being kicked when possible. 8. Training: 8.a. I will do my best to support and make all training events/sessions when possible. 8.b. I will certify on each map/mode via L3gends Of Time training events/sessions from a qualified and designated L3gends Of Time Training Specialist. 9. Recruitment: 9.a. I will only recruit players into the clan that meet the |LoT| criteria. I will notify L3gends Of Time Clan Leaders of any referrals. 9.b. I shall provide my honest opinion on any recruit to assist L3gends Of Time Clan Leaders in making decisions to select the best members to join L3gends Of Time. 10. Forum/Website Participation: 10.a. I agree to log onto the L3gends Of Time Website as often as possible to keep up with current news and events. I will check in no less than once a week (minimum). 10.b. I will do my part in contributing to the L3gends Of Time Website to keep it as current as possible and a viable method of communication for the clan. 10.c. I will use honor and respect while using and posting on the Website. 11. Fun: 11.a. I will have FUN. 11.b. I will always place my family and life needs before the game. 12. Game Manufacture's Terms of Service: 12.a. I will remember that the game manufacture's (i.e. NEXON) policy is an extension of the L3gends Of Time Code of Conduct and as such I will do nothing to violate said policy or risk termination from L3gends Of Time. 12.b. I will immediately notify my Clan and Team leaders of any suspension, Community Ban List (CBL) or any other ban post against my character. 12.c. I understand that any suspension or ban posting will be reviewed by my Clan leaders for possible discharge from L3gends Of Time. Sincerely, L3gends Of Time Administration